Rhonda and Gary Buford are in the middle of a disaster with no disaster relief in sight. The Bufords have fallen between the cracks while their property is falling into the river. The county has evacuated the family due to the encroaching Canadian River, though because their house has not yet been structurally damaged it has not been condemned. The home insurance that Rhonda has paid faithfully for a decade does not cover the erosion that has reduced their 40 acre plot to less than 4 acres and disaster relief is unavailable. With no place to live and no insurance to assist, the Bufords need our help. While friends and neighbors assisted with their evacuation and the Church provided temporary shelter, the options for permanent relief are unavailable for the Bufords. Please show your support of this family in need by providing any support that you can provide.

A few friends and coworkers have joined together to do what we can to help Rhonda and her family during this difficult situation. If you would like to help Rhonda and her family, a Paypal account has been set up with any donations going to the Buford family for relief from their situation.

You can email your thoughts and prayers to: erodingaway@gmail.com.

Visit us on Facebook.

You can donate to help the family via Paypal.


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