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All insurance claims have been denied…

Rhonda and her family have faithfully paid their home insurance premiums for the last decade…due to being on a flood plain, they’ve also been required to pay federally mandated flood insurance.  When submitting a request for relief from the insurance companies however, both the home and flood insurance companies have denied the Bufords’ claims, insisting that the policies will not cover “severe erosion.”  The county has forced them from their homes due to the eminent danger, but with no relief through insurance the Bufords don’t know what to do.


Rhonda receives a letter from the insurance company.


Unsure how to respond, her family has received another claim denial.

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Flooding erodes North Canadian River shoreline in Choctaw, swallowing barns and threatening two houses on the river’s edge


Gary Buford watched helplessly this week as the raging North Canadian River inched closer and closer to his home, eating the shoreline a few yards at a time while taking trees and buildings with it.

Choctaw Family Evacuates As Home Seeps Into Canadian River


CHOCTAW, Oklahoma –

Fridays storms are still causing havoc in the metro. In Choctaw, one family was on the verge of losing their home on Thursday.

The Buford family said they saw it coming, but didn’t know it would be this soon that their home for nearly a decade could fall into the river.

River Flooding, Erosion Swallows Structures In Choctaw


CHOCTAW, Oklahoma –

Flooding has led to erosion along the Canadian River in northeast Choctaw near the Canadian River, and threatened structures sitting precariously on the river’s edge.

A family living at 3800 N. Triple X Road is voluntarily evacuating from their property after the erosion swallowed one outbuilding. The edge of the river is now creeping closer to the family’s house.

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